Transport For Sick Children

Registered Charity No: 1110618

Register Charity No: 1110618

Royal Manchester Children Hospital

Alder Hey Hospital


Birmingham Children's Hospital

St James Hospital


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Transport For Sick Children, Williamson House, Williamson Street, Stockport, SK5 6AA.

Tel:+44(0)1614327800, Fax: +44(0)1614328110,

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A unique volunteer service to help deprived children of Greater Manchester

Supported by all 12 Clinical commissioning Groups of Greater Manchester

Health Professionals, best able to assess health needs, refer children to us for our volunteers to transport to Hospital/Clinics. They frequently tell us that if we did not take these children the appointment would be wasted (DNA). The cost of DNA’s can found on the DNA page.


Deprivation is a barrier to children for equal access to health care in Greater Manchester

Transport for Sick Children helps to addresses this problem with a Volunteer car scheme that takes a child with their parent/carer to Hospital, wait until treatment is complete then take them home

Children living in extreme




Children living in extreme


Health Professionals e.g. Midwives, School Nurses, Health Vis

Dedicated volunteer drivers in their own vehicles