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Transport for Sick Children is a charity based in Greater Manchester. Our volunteer drivers use their own cars to take accompanied children with no other means of transport to hospital and clinic appointments.

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“I find the role really rewarding. I meet some really nice families and really feel at the end of each drive that I have made a difference to that family and to the wider local community as a whole. Also the support given by the office team and other drivers means you never feel isolated and are always on hand to support you when the need arises. Having volunteered for a few local charities since I retired Transport for Sick Children is by far the most rewarding by a long way.” - John Kirkham - volunteer driver’

“My daughter was diagnosed with Spina Bifida – a series of birth defects that affect the development of the spine and nervous system. She has lots of medical appointments at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, which is quite far from where we live in Rochdale. She has also recently had surgery to try to straighten one of her legs and this has meant lots more appointments. It would take hours on public transport to get to all the appointments and would not be suitable for my little girl as her leg is in plaster at the moment. We don’t have a car and simply wouldn’t be able to get to the hospital. I really rely on Transport for Sick Children and just don’t know what we would do without their help. The drivers are really good.” - A service user and her 3 year old daughter

“Children with complex special needs frequently need to attend multiple appointments over a prolonged period of time with a variety of services. The families travel to the hospital from every corner of the borough. The nature of many of the children’s needs often means that they cannot travel on public transport safely and the families often have equipment and/or siblings to transport to appointments. Transport for Sick Children’s service provides a vital lifeline for these children to access the therapy that they need.” - Ele Leatherbarrow, Speech & Language Therapist, Treehouse CDU Stepping Hill Hospital, Stockport